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Ústí for Tech:

Usti region is mapping technology-oriented start-ups to jump-start the area

By the project called ‚Usti for Tech‘, CzechInvest and the Innovation Centre of the Usti Region (ICUK) want to find and support technology-oriented start-up companies and research projects with business potential.


The project is supported by the Region of Usti nad Labem and it aims to map and capture the innovative potential of the region, especially in technically oriented industrial and research fields. The aim is to search for suitable projects, identify their needs, support them with existing programmes of CzechInvest and ICUK and, potentially, prepare them for the planned national project called Technology Incubation.

In addition to our classic incubation programme which supports the innovative start-ups in general, we would like to focus more on the technical area and capture progressive university projects with business potential. We are aware of their specifics, and we would like to increase our focus on such projects and companies,’ says Jan Wedlich (ICUK) who is involved in the regional project.

CzechInvest’s planned project of Technology Incubation shall, in the near future, offer a combination of financial and non-financial tools for support of technology start-up companies in seven key areas – creative industries, mobility, artificial intelligence and IT, environment, space, nuclear and particle physics and crisis response. A network of technological incubators and hubs will operate across the Czech Republic to support projects in the above areas.

The goal of the Usti for Tech project is to map the region’s innovation capacity, capture progressive companies and prepare the background for the establishment of such a hub or technology incubator in the Usti region,’ adds Alena Hájková from the regional office of CzechInvest.



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Jan Wedlich

Contact for companies and projects

Alena Hájková

Head of CzechInvest’s regional office

Ondřej Klein

Contact for the media



Ústí for Tech is being carried out by CzechInvest’s local office and the Ústí Regional Innovation Centre with financial support from the Ústí Region.